Living from the inside out.

March 17, 2018

We once had to be watchful for what was going on around us, in order to protect our heart. That viewpoint is no longer necessary.  It's time to reconnect with our heart and come from there instead.

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Obligation and Worry

March 10, 2018

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about circumstances in our lives, with the overtone of worry.  It is also possible that these concerns are not your obligation.  So what do you we about it.  


It’s okay to be you, all of you.

November 16, 2017

Sometimes we get caught up in the 'to do' list, tight in our list of obligations.  What if we swept the to do list clean and began again?  

Our analytical minds can get pretty tight where we push / pull or otherwise force ourselves to move forward with something.  What is your creativity wanting to show you? 

I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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Keri-Anne is an Emotional Empowerment & Intuitive Integration Coach

October 26, 2017

Keri-Anne is an Emotional Empowerment & Intuitive Integration Coach, a Comedic Speaker, and creator of Daring to Suck, a program to help Empaths, Helpers and Healers fully honour and express their unique gifts in the world with ease, confidence and humour. With levity, love and a deep respect for the messy process of transformation, Keri-Anne shares how we can learn, experience and grow from Life, Death and all the WTFs along the way - or as she says, "bless the mess and trust the process


Jill Prescott - Spiritual Badass

October 26, 2017
Jill Prescott is a Spiritual BadAss, committed to guiding people through trauma to freedom, with Love. She believes that the answers we seek on our journey are never more than our own heartbeat away, and helping people open the channels to accessing this inner wisdom is one of her spiritual super powers. Jill is a gifted natural intuitive, energy healer and oracle channel with a large dose of pragmatic wisdom, delivered to you with a gracious sprinkle of her well-known spiritual sass. For the last four years she has dedicated her life to honing these gifts, which has translated into life-altering programs and one-on-one work for her clients. Whether she is leading a workshop, speaking on stage or guiding you on a personal journey, her ability to hold a safe and sacred space for your healing allows deep transformation and opening. If you are interested in living a life unfettered from your past and full of possibilities for your future, Jill Prescott is the leading Spiritual BadAss you want to know. No matter how you work with her, expect to be witness to your own personal brand of magic. Jill says “We have all come into this life with the same purpose: Love. What’s to be learned, is your own particular expression of that Love in this world…and it begins within you.”
Jill Prescott

Sheila Sutherland - Relationship Coach

October 26, 2017
Sheila Sutherland is a Certified Wholistic Life and Relationship Mastery Coach, Professional Educator, Interpersonal Communication Specialist, Podcast host and Founder of Reignite Your Purpose. She has a BSc in Biology, a BEd in secondary Education and is a natural born teacher that brings massive knowledge to the table as to the science of mindset, thought patterns and behaviour. Sheila’s passion is to create a movement of Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Compassion, to bring people back to connect to who they really are and create a solid foundation in their relationship with self. This relationship is the foundation upon which every aspect of your life is built and needs to be solid to create success in other areas of your life. Sheila will help to elevate your life, relationships and business through aligning your mindset, behaviours and communication, so you can live a more authentic, connected and vibrant life.
Life Mastery Coach Vancouver Canada Sheila Sutherland
Say YES to YOU, it's time to make you a priority in your life.

Stephanie McAuliffe - Best Selling Author

October 26, 2017

Just before Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Stephanie’s world was turned upside down when her husband entered rehab for alcoholism. That was a turning point to climbing out from the devastating effects of living with this disease. It was also the path to discovering how deeply this disease was ingrained in her life.

Stephanie is the fourth generation of women in her family who have been deeply affected by this disease. She tags herself as a personal archaeologist and uses her expertise in identifying and putting together the pieces of the puzzle in order to understand our intricate ties. Our families shape our identity, yet we don’t have to be our stories.

Stephanie now helps women free themselves of the madness of living with an alcoholic; to finding hope, peace, and joy. She believes there should be no shame in giving a voice to our stories and is an example that in voicing them we can finally break free.

She is a living testament that we can heal and clear the energy passed from prior generations, break the cycle of silence and shame, and in the process uncover the greatness of who we are meant to be.

Stephanie is an avid organic gardener and live music lover who lives on the New Jersey Shore.



Sandy Dow - Performance Coach.

September 8, 2017

Sandy Dow is a performance coach, stress management specialist, and author of the best selling book “Thriving in Chaos: Two Minute Tools for Succeeding in Stressful Times”. 

Sandy helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders transform their fears into first-rate performances with her powerful coaching method called “The Dow Effect” by blending ancient spiritual practices with science-based, body-focused strategies, allowing her clients to revolutionize their ability to manage stress and anxiety while under pressure. Sandy has been coaching and mentoring hundreds of clients both locally and internationally for over 12 years.

In her down time Sandy can be found juggling, playing music with her samba band, and relaxing with her family


Nicole Petitclerc - Mind, Body, Spirit, Medicine Teacher

August 25, 2017

Nicole is a mind, body, spirit certified teacher, a healing touch practitioner, the owner of Open Your Heart for Healing, a counselor, has studied and practiced for more than 10 years Tibetan Buddhism meditation, completed palliative care courses at Langara, studied holistic nutrition. She lives in Vancouver with her soul mate and she’s having fun manifesting miracles in her life